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Privacy Policy

Visitors of this website are NOT required to submit their personal data. Personal data eventually made available by visitors will not be used for commercial purposes o for providing a professional service as this website only intends to share information or news of general interest in the areas of advertising, IP rights and privacy.

When visitors offer spontaneously their personal data (e.g. through e-mails sent to the website owner), such information will be processed strictly for private and personal uses, in compliance with the specific regulations in force.

Data processor id Felix Hofer, located in Firenze (Italy). Transfer or communication of personal data to third parties will occur only to fulfill administrative or fiscal duties or complying with an obligation set by law or for purposes relating to the website’s management.

The processing of the data occurs through electronic means only for the period necessary for fulfilling the purposes which data is collected for.

Security measures (such as: periodically updated antivirus systems, access controlled through specific credentials) are in place to prevent as much as possible data losses, illegal or incorrect uses of data or unauthorized access to data.

Data processing is performed in compliance with the laws and regulations in force, specifically with the EU Regulation no. 679 of April 27, 2016 and the local implementing provisions as set in Legislative Decree no 196 of June 30, 2003 (amended through Legislative Decree no. 101 of August 10, 2018). You can contact me at your convenience at the e-mail address for additional details as to data processing.

With respect to browsing data, you acknowledge that the system in place for a correct functioning of the website allows the collecting of certain personal information, usual and necessary for online communication. Such information is not collected for linking it to a specific individual, but such association cannot be excluded in case it is combined with elements at the disposition of third parties (a situation which could allow visitors’ identification). Reference is to characteristics or elements pertaining to the operating system or to visitors’ browser (e.g. IP addresses, domain names, Uniform Resource Identifier – URI, time or modalities of web searches or results (positives or negatives) of a communication, etc.

Such information about visitors’ browsing habits are intended only to collect statistics about the use of the website and about its correct functioning. 

Cookie Policy 

To improve visitor’s browsing experience, this website makes use of the cookies listed and described below.

General indications – Definitions:

‘Cookies’ are tiny text files, which a website, when accessed by a visitor, sends to the latter’s device (usually to the browser), where they are memorized (to the end of the session or for a longer period). Such text files are re-transmitted to the installing website on successive visits to improve the browsing experience.

These cookies do not allow extracting information from the hard disk of visitor’s device. The present reference to ‘cookies’ includes also similar technologies, capable of collecting indications about visitors’ browsing behavior. We do not allow third parties to place cookies on the devices of its website visitors.

As cookies enable to collect and organize information about visitors, whoever accesses the website may ask to receive a notice anytime a cookie is sent to his device. By modifying the browser settings, it is possible to disable cookie placement on visitors’ device. However, in such case some functionalities of the accessed website could result ineffective (for additional details on disabling or managing cookie placement, kindly refer to the final section of these terms of use).

Cookies in use:

(a) Session cookies:
These are strictly necessary for browsing our website and to access its functionalities. They are eliminated at the end of each session.

(b) Persistent (technical) cookies:
Visitor’s devices may be targeted with ‘persistent cookies’ to collect information of interest (used but not transferred to third parties). Such information is collected in an anonymous way and allows indications about visitors’ use of our website (e.g. frequency of website and page visits, error alerts). Aside from such indications, no other personal information will be collected.

(c) Functional cookies (e.g. for profiling purposes):
To generate reports about some aspects, such as visitors’ origin, their choices or their preferred online settings, ‘functional cookies’ may be sent to and be placed on users’ devices. Such information is not shared with third parties.

By eliminating ‘functional cookies’, preferences or settings’ choices will not be memorized for future visits. The management of functional cookies or other back-tracking technologies occurs through the settings of the browser in use on visitor’s device (who may accept – or refuse – such cookies or decide to receive an in-advance notice before their placement). If a visitor disables completely the use of cookies on his device, he may not be able to access all functionalities of the website.

The procedure to cancel all cookies installed varies according to the browser in use on visitor’s device.

Find below the links to the instructions available on some of the most popular browsers: